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8th UK Solar Fuels Symposium (online)

1st December, 09.45 - 12.45 GMT

Chair: Prof Alex Cowan


Alex and the SFN team look forward to meeting you all online for the 8th annual SFN symposium.

We are really excited to be able to announce a great line-up of speakers including: Roel van de Krol, Andy Cooper, Ludmilla Steier, Erwin Reisner and Andrew Mills. Topics to be covered include semiconductor photoelectrochemistry, hybrid materials and automated photocatalyst discovery. This promisies to be a great chance to hear about the latest developments and early registration is reccomended!

Registration is by this link and the full programme is below:

09.45  Room opens

09.50  Welcome to the Solar Fuels Network, UK SuperSolar

10.00   Roel van de Krol (Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin, Technische Universität Berlin):

10.30   Erwin Reisner (University of Cambridge): 'Molecularly-engineered
           semiconductors for tandem CO2-to-fuel conversion'

11.00    Intermission


11.15     Andy Cooper (University of Liverpool): 'Autonomous Discovery of New Solar
           Fuels Photocatalysts'

11.45    Ludmilla Steier (Imperial College London) 'Discussing the challenge of extending carrier lifetimes in materials for solar fuel production'

12.15    Andrew Mills (Queens University Belfast)

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