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About the Network

We aim to develop an effective community of solar fuels researchers from both academia and industry.  We seek to raise the profile of the UK Solar to Chemicals research community nationally and internationally, to promote collaboration and co-operation with other research disciplines, industry and international solar to chemicals programmes, and to contribute towards the development of a policy roadmap. Membership of the network is free and available to both UK-based and international researchers.  Membership gives access to our events, workshops and seminars related to solar-driven fuels synthesis, and members receive a quarterly newsletter.  Bursaries are available for UK-based members for travel, outreach and public engagement, and bilateral exchange – visit the Funding page for more details.


Meet the Team

The development of the field to encorporate a wide range of technological approaches requires expertise in a broad range of underpinning science and engineering. Our Network is lead by the management team at the University of Liverpool and Cambridge and supported by expert theme leads in biocatalysis, electrocatalysis, light harvesting and deveice engingeering & carbon capture. Learn more about our network team here. We are also extremely grateful to our independent advisory board who guide network activities.

This is an exciting time for the community of researchers working on light-driven approaches to make fuels and chemicals. As power to X systems for simple chemical fuels, such as hydrogen from water, begin to be deployed we are seeing real-world impact occuring. New developments in the field of catalysts that both directly exploit, or are inspired by, are opening the possibility of delivering more complex chemicals from carbon dioxide and nitrogen, but challegnes exist. Principally further advancements will require whole-system thinking and integration of multiple technological approaches. to me this network is so exciting as it will provide a way to bring together the diverse expertise needed to accelerate advancement in the field of solar to chemicals. We hope that you will join us at one of our workshops or events to learn more about, and join the community developing pathways to solar chemicals.

With best wishes, Alex

A Message from the Director

Professor Alex Cowan

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