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The Solar Chemicals Network are currently offering three types of awards to UK SCN Members. 

These are for Travel, Carers and Outreach .

Please read the information below carefully before submitting your applications.

Solar Chemicals Network Travel Awards

Awards are made quarterly with closing dates in October, January, April and July and are open to UK based Solar Chemicals Network Members (joining the Network).  Funding aims to support Early Career Researcher (ECRs) and those in most financial need and applications are assessed on this basis and on the alignment of the meeting to the field of solar chemicals. 


Awards will cover costs for:

  • Travel to attend conferences and events

  • Conference fees

  • Accommodation for the conference duration

  • A for UK Meetings and for International Meetings can be claimed toward your travel costs


Solar Chemicals Network Carers Award

(for those with childcare or other caring responsibilities)

The Solar Chemicals Network recognises that for some researchers caring responsibilites can present a major obsticle to event participation. We have therefore set up the Solar Chemicals Network Carers Fund to offset additional childcare costs incurred by our members attending events.


This Fund is intended to assist Postgraduate Research Students (PGRs), Post-Doctoral Research Assistants (PDRAs) and Early Career Researchers (ECRs)* registered or employed by UK universities to present their work or participate at Solar Chemicals related events.


The Carers Fund is open to applicants four times a year, in line with the Travel Awards Scheme, in October, January, April and July. It will contribute up to £500 towards the cost of additional childcare costs incurred when attending our events (including online events).


Additional caring costs may occur if you are required to:


  • Participate in events on what would normally be a non-working day.

  • Work extended hours on a normal working day.

  • Attend meetings with overnight stays.

Solar Chemicals Network Outreach Award

Awards are made quarterly with closing dates in October, January, April and July and are open to UK based Solar Chemicals Network Members (see website for joining). 

Assessment criteria: We will assess your application on the following criteria 1) Potential impact of the planned event/activity in raising awareness or understanding of solar to chemicals  (2) The nature of the audience targeted, with preference given to activities that lead to interaction with groups of people with a currently low level of awareness of solar to chemicals (3) The availability of alternative resources (to facilitate under-resourced groups access), (4) Past awards to the same individual.

Awards will cover costs for:

  • Small items for outreach

  • Travel

  • MAXIMUM of £1,000 can be awarded.


Awards will not cover:

  • Subsistence

  • Accommodation

  • Staff costs

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