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Biohybrid Sandpit Workshop

4th July 2024

The Solar Chemicals Network are delighted to announce a Biohybrid Sandpit Workshop to be held on 4th July which will take place at the University of East Anglia.  The Workshop will be hosted by Professor Julea Butt (University of East Anglia) and Dr Jenny Zhang (University of Cambridge). Registration is at

The theme of this Sandpit Workshop is Biohybrids for Solar-to-Chemical Conversion and there is collaboration funding available of  £3,000 (maximum) for new collaborative projects resulting from the Workshop. Registration link below.



                                                                                  University of East Anglia

Biohybrid approaches to solar chemicals production couple synthetic and biological materials to absorb solar energy and convert the excited state to separated charges that are transported to sites of redox catalysis. The biological component can be a protein, enzyme, sub-cellular organelle or complete living system. When compared to photoelectrochemical and photovoltaic devices coupled to electrolysers, several advantages for biohybrid approaches can be identified. For example, N2 can be reduced to NH3/NH4+ with reasonable yields and there are opportunities to produce highly complex carbon products, often using CO2 without the need for external capture/concentration. However, challenges include channeling product formation along a single pathway, longevity of biological components and limited utilization of the solar spectrum. 


This Biohybrids Sandpit Workshop invites researchers from diverse research areas to brainstorm how biohybrid approaches to solar chemicals production may be advanced. Participation of PhD students, post-doctoral researchers, research fellows and group-leaders from academia and industry is encouraged. Funding has been ring-fenced (£3,000 maximum) for new collaborative projects resulting from this Workshop. 


​During the morning, discussions will be structured around the following themes:

  • Tailoring materials for biohybrid photo-to-chemical conversion

  • Tailoring biology for biohybrids photo-to-chemical conversion

  • Characterisation of the biotic|abiotic interface


Keynote Speakers will review the state-of-the-art and participants will have opportunities to introduce themselves and expertise that can advance these areas. 


During the afternoon, participants will work in groups to identify and prioritize possible projects within each theme. The process for applying for ring-fenced SCN funding will be explained.

REGISTRATION is via this link:

A small registration fee of £20 is set to encourage ERC/PDRAs to participate. The £20 includes a lunch and coffees at breaks.

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