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Jobs and Studentships in Solar Chemicals

If you have a position that you wish to advertise in Solar Chemicals Research please email including details of the post and a link to the application page.

Removing the hydration bottleneck from integrated alkaline CO2 capture and electrochemical conversion

Start date: October 2024

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PhD Studentship at College de France, Paris

Solid Catalysts for Electroreduction of CO2 to Muti-Carbon Products

Start date: September- October 2024
Candidates have to hold a master degree and show some competences and interest in electrochemistry, materials science and catalysis. The experimental work will concern synthesis and characterization of solid multimetallic materials, development of low-voltage electrochemical cells and evaluation of the electrocatalytic properties of the syntgesized materials by electrochemical methods (Voltammetry, potentiometry and amperometry) as well as their post-electrolysis characterization.

For further details contact Professor Marc Fontecave.


Funded PhD Studentships at Cobb Lab., UK

2-year PDRA position in the Pike Group, University of Warwick, UK

Photoredox reactivity of cerium and titanium oxo clusters

This project will study titanium and cerium-oxo clusters, which are molecular analogues of oxide materials, occurring at the 1-2 nm size scale. These clusters have similar photoactivity to bulk metal oxides, but, crucially, are atomically precise and highly tuneable. This allows for detailed study of photoreaction mechanism and modification of properties. This project will explore new cluster designs, including developing new structures that can sequentially absorb two visible photons. The researcher will establish the energy positions of photoexcited (proton-coupled) charge carriers and explore the precise mechanism of photoexcitation and charge transfer required for small molecule activation and catalysis.
Application open until 26th June 2024
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