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Cindy Tseng from Imperial College attends 245th Electrochemical Society Conference in the USA with help from a SCN Travel Award

I attended the 245th Electrochemical Society Conference, which was held at the Marriott Marquis in San Francisco. At the conference, I presented my research on the effects of mixed titanium-iridium oxides on the oxygen evolution reaction, highlighting how this can help reduce iridium loading in industrial electrolyzers and lower the cost of hydrogen production. In addition to delivering an oral presentation, I also got the change to chair my own session, which was a great opportunity to meet other people doing research very relevant to my field. I connected with over a dozen scientists and spoke with a few groups interested in collaborating on measuring the stability of my samples. I also attended symposium A01: New Approaches and Advances in Electrochemical Energy Systems, held in memory of Sri Narayan. Professor Narayan was my Electrochemistry instructor during my PhD at the University of Southern California, and it was an honor to attend the symposium and celebrate his influential work on fuel cells. The room was filled with his students, many of whom were my former colleagues and friends, and it was wonderful to catch up. Thanks to this travel grant, I was able to make this trip, leading to significant scientific insights and cherished personal memories for which I am deeply grateful.

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