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James Finn, University of Loughborough, Travel Award to attend ISE in Croatia

The ISE 36th Topical Meeting in Sibenik Croatia was my first international conference and the first where I delivered and oral presentation of my work. It was an inspirational and informative experience, and I am very grateful for the opportunity to attend this event. The event kicked off the event with an evening social where I was immediately introduced to a wonderfully diverse group of academics. With good food and good conversations, I learnt about others research, interests and career paths. I delivered my talk on the first day and despite the nerves it went surprisingly well. Following the presentation several other attendees approach me for discussion and collaboration, especially with a view to look at the integration of my work, supercapacitive swing adsorption of CO2, with other electrochemical technologies. I was then able to try and absorb as much as possible from the world experts present. The broad scope of the conference made it really felt like a melting pot of ideas all geared towards electrochemical solutions to addressing climate and environmental concerns. Diverse expertise from material modification with magnets to pilot scale fuel cells has added a vast number of interesting people to my network, setting the foundation for international collaborations around shared goals. This aspect of the conference was by far the most valuable, expanding the network from almost essentially UK based, to making strong links with researchers from the Americas and Europe to China and Tiwan. My horizons feel broader and the possibilities of my work and future feel somewhat limitless.

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