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You say goodbye and I say hello.... the Solar Chemicals Network Launches

Summer 2023 marks the launch of the new UKRI-EPSRC funded Solar Chemicals Network. the new network represents a large increase in scope from the previous EPSRC funded Solar Fuels network, recognising that the community has moved beyond the previous tight focus on the production of simple fuels, primarily Hydrogen using sunlight, to explore a diverse range of solar chemicals.

The Solar Chemicals Network team is lead by Professor Alex Cowan (University of Liverpool) and Dr Jenny Zhang (Cambridge University) who are working alongside expert theme leads who bring the specalist knowledge required to realise the potential of using light to drive the produciton of chemicals. Learn more about our theme leads on the "about our network tab"!

Professor Alex Cowan said "The theme leads will be instrumental in our efforts to draw a wider community into the field who can bring fresh ideas and approaches. We have an exciting series of workshops, symposia and events planned alongside projects to raise awareness with the public and policy makers about this exciting field- watch this space!"

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