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Solar energy can be used to make chemicals and fuels from abundant resources such as water and carbon dioxide.
The Solar Chemicals Network exists to promote and support an effective UK Solar Chemicals research community.

Who We Are

The Solar Chemicals Network (SCN) aims to develop an effective community of solar chemicals researchers from both academia and industry.  We seek to raise the profile of the solar chemicals research community nationally and internationally, to promote collaboration and co-operation with other research disciplines, industry and international solar chemicals programmes, and to contribute towards the development of a UK solar chemicals technology and policy roadmap. Full details of forthecoming events and ways to learn about Solar Chemicals can be found in the tabs at the top of the page.

The Solar Chemicals Network is funded by UKRI-EPSRC through grant EP/X035301/1.

Solar Chemicals devices absorb photons to drive chemical transformations

Common features across solar to chemicals systems include a light absorber (green) able to generate oxidising and reducing equivalents that can be utilised at catalytic centres for water oxidation (blue) and a range of reduction reactions (brown).

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