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Rachel Egan, University of Cambridge, sponsored by SCN to attend MRS meeting in Boston USA

In November, I attended the MRS Fall Meeting in Boston, USA. This was a huge conference that brought together many different fields that all fall under the umbrella of materials research. The diversity of research areas was immense and it was fantastic to be exposed to such wide-ranging topics that I usually don’t engage with. It was very inspiring to see world-leading experts describe their work and gave me many new ideas about potential new directions that I could take my own research. The informal networking with other researchers from across the world was very insightful and I am grateful for the many invigorating discussions that were facilitated by the conference.

I also got the opportunity to present my research at one of the sessions which was my first time giving an oral presentation at a conference. The experience of putting together a talk and conveying my research to an audience was invaluable and will help me prepare for future conferences in my career. I received some positive feedback from experts and suggestions to help me progress my project.

Overall, the conference gave me a fresh perspective on both my own work as well as the future of the field itself. I am very grateful to have been granted the opportunity to attend this conference.

Details on how to apply for a SCN Travel Grant can be found here.

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