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This event has been cancelled due to Coronavirus outbreak

8th UK Solar Fuels Symposium

2-3 April 2020, Liverpool, United Kingdom

The aim of this forum is to provide a comfortable setting for SFN members to meet up and discuss the latest advances in the field of solar-driven fuels research.

UK Solar Chemicals meeting at the university of liverpool

Upcoming Events

 If you are running a relevant event and would like us to add it to the listings please make email the network team.

RSC - Solar Chemicals Panel Discussion: 28th November 1 pm and available online after the event:

Join the Solar Chemicals Network team and invited guests to discuss the potential and role of solar driven chemistry in enabling a sustainable chemicals industry.

ECAT23 - Catalyst Design Strategies for Photo- and Electrochemical Fuel Synthesis, 4-5th December 2023

University of Keele, UK.

Electro- and photocatalytic transformations are emerging as sustainable routes to useful chemicals and fuels. The topic covers a range of reactions, including hydrogen evolution, water oxidation, carbon dioxide reduction, and other small molecule conversions. At the heart of these reactions is the catalyst, which can be modified to alter performance. Therefore design strategies building on synthesis procedures, characterisation and understanding, and integration into functional devices, are key to advancing these technologies. Registration is via

GRC/GRS Solar Fuels 2024: GRS 3rd Feb 2024, GRC 4-9th Feb 2024,

Venutra, CA USA.

This seminar will focus on the chemistry, materials science, and engineering behind devices that store solar energy by converting CO2, H2O, N2 and other abundant feedstocks into fuels and commodity chemicals. The goal of this meeting is to exchange interdisciplinary research ideas to bridge knowledge gaps in solar fuels research. The research program is organized into the following broad focus areas, and early-career researchers that are active in these areas are encouraged to apply to the seminar: Solid-liquid interface, Molecular catalysis and artificial photosynthesis, In-situ / operando spectroscopy, Reactor engineering and device design, and Computational chemistry. Registration is via

Past SFN/SCN events

10th UK Solar Fuels Symposium, 14-15th July 2022

Chair: Dr Dr Shafeer Kalathil (Northumbria University, City of Newcastle)

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